Salt Spring Tennis News


Salt Spring Tennis Centre is currently open to BC resident SSTA Members ONLY.

Further to our Statement on the COVID-19 Virus

After further consideration and in response to feedback received from various members, the SSTA has decided to suspend League play at this time. Should you wish to play during your league time with others in your league, the courts will be open. It is 100% your choice.

No one should feel compelled to play if they consider themselves subject to any risk and we would like to make that decision easy for them.

Nevertheless we will keep the Indoor Courts open for those who choose to play. We emphasize that BC Health Guidelines must be followed by any individual or group booking the courts.

Currently those guidelines emphasize that all players returning from ANYWHERE outside Canada – including the USA – must self quarantine for 14 days. These guidelines are evolving and as they change, the revisions will immediately be in effect for indoor court usage.

As per our previous statement, all players must wash their hands before and after play and under no circumstances attend if you are feeling unwell.

IMPORTANT: SSTA will not be requiring volunteers to clean or remove garbage from common areas and therefore anyone using the courts must clean up after themselves and remove any garbage they create while at the courts.

PLEASE NOTE: League times will remain reserved for league players, so players registered for these times are welcome to arrange among themselves to use the time.

SSTA will continue to take registrations for Spring League play, however there will be a full review of the situation before the launching of the Spring season.

COVID-19 Statement from the Salt Spring Tennis Association

  1. Do not play tennis if you are not feeling well or show symptoms. Use the spares list and get tested! Please advise other players if you are unable to get a spare.
  2. All players should wash their hands before and after play and generally avoid contact.
  3. Please leave the courts, entry areas and washrooms as you find them to minimize the challenges for our volunteers.
  4. Tennis members returning from travel abroad are expected to follow provincial health protocols before returning to the courts, currently 14 days self quarantine.

The only reference we have found regarding recreational tennis was from the LTA in Britain . They find that there is no reason at this time for people to stop playing tennis recreationally but it is important for everyone to follow health protocols. Please read link below:

The SSTA will continue to review policy updates from LTA and Tennis Canada, and will update you if the situation changes.