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May 23 2020
When using our indoor tennis facility, please follow the safety protocols
set forth in the following video.

Team Tennis Update

The results of the Nov 7 last round in SSTA's first Competitive Team League session are in. As in the last round when he played as a spare for Team 2, Michael Powell spared again, but this time, for Team 3, subbing for Mike Chin, sidelined with a sore arm. This second clash between Team 3 and Team 1 was a surprise sweep by Team 3, resulting in a 2-way tie for top place between Team 3 and Team 2, with 9 match wins for each. Team 1 ended up with 6 match wins. The 4-0 win for Team 3 was unprecedented; all other rounds were either 2-2 ties or 3-1 wins.

For the record, the total number of games won by the three teams was:

Team 3: 104 games won
Team 2: 91 games won
Team 1: 98 games won

Technically, Team 3 ends up in first place, having equalled Team 2's match wins, but scoring a higher number of games: It was a genuine last-minute comeback win! Team 1 still remains in 3rd place despite winning more games than Team 2, because it had only 6 match wins.

All this goes to show the teams were fairly well matched, and a last round change in standings is very possible.

Much thanks to all the participants! We're looking forward to the next Competitive Team League session with 3.5~3.9 rank players, set to begin Nov 14.