Valentine's Tournament

February 18 & 19

2017 Valentine's Tournament Finalists

Congratulations to Blair Carley and Marianne Banman who defeated Michael Powell and Jennifer Pickering 8-3 in the final of this year's Valentine's tournament on February 18-19 2017. Thank you Pete Schelling for organizing such a fun event!

2016 Gulf Islands Open Results

Men's Doubles best-of-5 sets final
winners - Tony Mason & Markus Wenzel
runners up - Andrew Ross Collins & Michael Powell

Women's Doubles
winners - Jenny Pickering & Deb Orange
runners up - Cathy Patel & Marianne Banman

Mixed Doubles
winners - Jenny Pickering and Andrew Ross Collins
runners up - Tony & Julia Mason

Womens Singles
winner - Justene Tedder
runner up - Jenny Pickering

Men's Singles
winner - Patrick Caffrey
runner up - Dave Barclay

Jenny's homemade tennis score flipcards

Thanks Jenny for building the scorecards for this years Gulf Islands Open!

Location: Salt Spring Island
Venues: Portlock Park and Maracaibo
Dates: Friday, Sept. 2 - Monday September 5
Entry Opens: August 1
Entry Closed: August 29
Events : singles, doubles and mixed doubles
Sets: 3 sets, 7-point tiebreaker at 6-all, doubles 3rd set is a 10 point tiebreaker.
Cost : $10.00 per person per event
Payment: Cheques made out to SSTA can be mailed along with entry form to:

Salt Spring Tennis Association
Box 583 Ganges Post Office
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2W2

If you have any questions please email tournament director at or call Jenny Pickering at 250-537-4186.

Men's President's Cup July 30th 2016

Champions Dave Rowse & Markus Wenzel

Champions Dave Rowse & Markus Wenzel

Women's President's Cup - July 31 2016

Champions Lynda Ardern & Justene Tedder

Champions Lynda Ardern & Justene Tedder

Wimbledon Cup & Saucer

The Wimbledon Cup and Saucer was held on Saturday, June 25 at Portlock Park. White dress code was in effect and the first round was played with wooden racquets!

After a couple hours of play the players took a break to have tea, scones, strawberries and cream provided by Jennifer Pickering.

We congratulate Cathy Patel and Wes Pickering, this years champs! They won a total of 38 games and the runners up were Michael Powell and Barbara Freitas with 36 games.

Jack Fisher Memorial June 11 2016

After a postponement due to weather, the tournament went ahead on June 11. A great time was had by all. Thank you Jennifer Pickering for organizing the tournament. It was wonderful having Jack's daughter Joan and grandson Andrew take part in the tournament this year. Thank you to all who participated.

Joan, Andrew, Marianne, and Michael at the Jack Fisher Memorial Tourney 2016

Congratulations to this years Jack Fisher winners Marianne Banman & Michael Powell!

Season Opener April 23 2016

Fun was had by all!
Congrats to the winners, Julia and Tony Mason!

2016 Valentine's Mixed Doubles Tournament

Congratulations to this years winners!!

A big thank you to our tournament director Peter Schelling and all the fans who cheered for the participants.

Group A Final score 8-5 for Marianne B. and Blair C.!
Runners Up Deborah O. and Michael P.

Group B Final score 8-3 for Jenny P. and Peter L.
Runners Up and Bruce M. and Tish V.

Mark the date on your calendars for next year and sign up early.

2015 Christmas Tournament

Sunday December 27 - Competitive

9:00 am Dave + Jennifer v Jan + Jody
9:30 am Jan + Jody v Tony + Julia
10:00 am Tony + Julia v Andrew + Jenny
10:30 am Andrew + Jenny v Blair + Justene
11:00 am Blair + Justene v Peter L + Mark or Mike
11:30 am Peter L + Mark or Mike v Michael + Bob
Noon Michael + Bob v Colin + Erica
12:30 pm Colin + Erica v Dave + Jennifer
1:00 pm Justene + Jody v Julia + Jennifer
1:30 pm Jenny + Erica v Justene + Jody
2:00 pm Julia + Jennifer v Jenny + Erica
2:30 pm Peter + Blair v Andrew + Jan
3:00 pm Tony + Mark or Mike v Peter + Blair
3:30 pm Dave + Bob v Tony + Mark or Mike
4:00 pm Andrew + Jan v Michael P + Colin

Monday December 28th - Recreational

9:00 am Michael G + Sabrina v Tim + Babette
9:30 am Tim + Babette v Jacob + Mary
10:00 am Jacob + Mary v Peter M + Caroline
10:30 am Peter M + Caroline v Herb + Rose
11:00 am Herb + Rose v Martin + Mafalda
11:30 am Martin + Mafalda v Wayne + Liz
Noon Wayne + Liz v Michael + Marie
12:30 pm Michael P + Marie v Michael G + Sabrina
1:00 pm Peter M + Mark v Tim + Herb
1:30 pm Mafalda + Babette v Liz + Caroline
2:00 pm Tim + Herb v Martin + Michael P
2:30 pm Liz + Caroline v Rose + Sabrina
3:00 pm Peter M + Michael G v Wayne + Martin
3:30 pm Rose + Sabrina v Mary + Marie
4:00 pm Wayne + Martin v Michael P + Jacob
4:30 pm Mary + Marie v Mafalda + Babette

Tournament Director - Jennifer Morgan 250-537-8366

Sadie Hawkins Mixed Doubles
October 24 2015

Congratulations to Jenny Pickering & Markus Wenzel, this years champs!

2015 Gulf Islands Open


August 28-30 Tournament Results

Men's singles - David Barclay over Andrew Ross-Collins - consolation winner Markus Wenzel.
Men's doubles - Andrew Ross-Collins and Michael Powell over Markus Wenzel and Tony Mason in a best of 5 set marathon. (They were the only entries)
Women's singles - Elly McKeague over Jenny Pickering, consolation winner Cathy Patel.
Women's doubles - Elly McKeague and Jenny Pickering over Justene Tedder and Lynda Ardern, consolation winner, Jody Hawley and Doris St. Germain over Babette Arnoldus and Marie Mullen .
Mixed doubles - Andrew Ross-Collins and Jenny Pickering over Michael Powell and Lynda Ardern, consolation winners - Tony Mason and Jennifer Morgan over Markus Wenzel and Justene Tedder.

Thank you Jennifer Morgan for organizing yet another great tournament!

Congratulations to the 2015 Presidents Cup tournament winners
Champs: Michael Powell and Norman Avelino and Marianne Banman and Ann Stewart
Runners-up: Markuz Wenzel and Mike Garside, Cathy Patel and Marnie Naphtali

The Jack Fisher Memorial tournament went off without a hitch in bright sunshine with 12 men and 12 women competing for the generous prizes donated each year by Jack's daughter on behalf of the family. After 4 matches of 8 games each, the men's doubles winner was Tony Mason with Dave Blizzard a close second. The women's doubles winner was Justene Tedder with Jody Hawley also a close second.

The SSTA's 'Opening Mixer' tournament was held on Saturday April 26, 2014. Winners were Jenny Pickering and Tony Mason, runners up Ann Stewart and Markus Wenzel.

Sadie Hawkin's - May 29, 2013

Held at Centre Court indoor tennis facility Ladies, ladies dragged their guy out on the court. Costumes strongly encouraged but optional. All SSTA members are invited to a one day Celebration at Centre Court, which will combine with the popular SADIE HAWKINS TOURNAMENT for a real party atmosphere this year! The tournament will begin at 9:00 am and there will be cookies, cake, coffee, and tea throughout the day for all players and spectators. Let's get together and congratulate ourselves!


2013 Gulf Islands Open August 30 - September 2

Friday, August 30, 2013 to Monday September 2nd. Over the long weekend the Gulf Islands tournament was played, with a fairly small but enthusiastic group which included several off island visitors. For the final day the weather turned against us and the last matches were played at Centre Court, which was a very nice venue.


2013 Presidents Cup

Congratulations to the winners and thank you Fernando and Jennifer for organizing the men's and women's events!


2013 Jack Fisher Memorial Tennis Tournament

2013-05-25 (Saturday) - Thanks Jennifer Morgan for organizing another successful tournament. We are also grateful to Joan Beatty who participated in the event and provided/presented the prizes (Calvin's Bistro gift certificates)!